Why me?

BllodOEcropAren’t all freelance copywriters pretty much the same?

It’s a question you’re absolutely right to ask. There are quite a few freelance copywriters in the Cambridge area so I’m sure you’re checking them all out as well as visiting my Freelance Copywriter Cambridge website.

But, as far as I’m aware, there’s only one who’s a hugely-experienced, and highly successful direct response copywriter. That’s a big – and very important – difference.

Because, if you’re looking for a freelance copywriter to convert your website visitors to buyers, or to write engaging, compelling emails that get customers clicking through in huge numbers, or you’re doing a mailshot where you want people to buy right away, or give their hard-earned money to your charity – you need someone who’s got a real, provable track record in direct response writing.

In other words, my clients hire me for one reason: I get results.

Sure, I charge a bit more than many freelance copywriters out there. But the clients that hire me know they’re making an investment in the success of the business, not just buying some nicely-written content.

I increased Which? magazine’s new customer acquisition response rate by 39%. I took Planet Numbers’ website from a site getting a massive hit rate to one getting a massive hit rate AND massive conversion to sales. I wrote Sky’s most successful mailpack ever.

I have over 25 years’ writing hugely successful marketing & advertising copy & content at the very highest level: Creative Director at two top London direct marketing agencies and UK Promotion Director at the world’s most successful direct marketing company ever, Reader’s Digest.

Then over 15 years’ freelance, writing for a massive range of business to business and consumer clients.

Simon Plent Direct Marketing Limited cropI’m a Ltd company, trading as Simon Plent Direct Marketing Ltd. I’m registered for VAT and I’m based in Saffron Walden, 20 minutes from central Cambridge.

Get in touch right now and let’s see if I can help your business, too.